Helen Liley's Profile Picture

Helen Liley

Validation Engineer

Helen joined our team at the beginning of 2018 as a Validation Engineer. She’s responsible for developing, documenting and providing technical engineering support to facilitate the specification, implementation and validation of new plant and processes – that’s the technical description. Validating a process is a great way of picking up any errors or inconsistencies. The problem solving and troubleshooting aspect of the role is really enjoyable.

Helen finished her PhD in musculoskeletal modelling last year. Her research used statistical shape modelling and finite element analysis to investigate the cause and progression of stress fractures in the equine third metacarpal bone.

Helen spends evenings in the Port Hills mountain biking and trail running, saving the weekends for tramping and mountaineering. She also loves a bit of social football, squash and tennis. Helen is one of the founders of Friday Morning Swim Club, they swim at our local beach at 6.30am on Fridays!