Children discover Dem Bones!

30 August 2023

Enztec support children aged 5 – 12 years learn about bones!

The House of Science “Dem Bones kit" travels around nearly 50 schools in a year in our region and Enztec sponsors this kit. We believe education is a great asset and something we need to invest in.

The 'Dem Bones' kit is a treasure box containing learning materials such as models, cards to match up, worksheets and teacher resources. It contains 10 small skeletons, a half size skeleton on a stand, lots of X-Rays and a rabbit skeleton! 

Children love discovering all the bones in their own body as they examine skeletons, and images of "Zac" with his "see-through body". With a focus on form and function, they explore individual bones and compare/contrast them with other species.

Enztec Head of Marketing, Nicolette Le Cren says "the 'Dem Bones kit' is a wonderful, shared resource to capture children’s curious minds; discovering bones - what are they? who has them? what do they do? It is these small but significant experiences that can spark further interest in the world of science, opening up career pathways in science."

The photos below show local school children working with the "Dem Bones kit".

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