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Premium Patella Clamp

The Enztec Premium Patella Clamp is your one tool for patella replacement with drilling, clamping and reaming accessories. 

Intuitive to use, the Enztec Premium Patella Clamp allows quick, efficient patella preparation and cement pressurisation.

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The Enztec Premium Patella Clamp has a parallel closure mechanism that supports drilling, clamping and reaming. Intuitive to use, the robust locking knob ensures even pressure can be applied during implant placement and cementing. 

You can rely on the Enztec Premium Patella Clamp as your one tool to suit any style of patella replacement technique.

Available in two variants: Single or Multi Spike.

  • Parallel closure 
  • Fast clamping and releasing
  • Modular attachments
  • Configurable drill guides to suit your implant
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Propylux
  • Weight: 370g / 0.8lbs
  • Length 220mm / 8.7in
  • Add your logo: available

Enztec is an MDR-certified, ISO13485 manufacturer

  • For use with anatomic and round patella 
  • Compatible with any implant system
  • Compatible with patella reamers

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