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Femoral Neck Retractors

With curved handle profiles and softened edges, the Enztec Femoral Neck Retractors provide a comfortable, sure grip. Our Femoral Retractors allow positive engagement with the femoral neck in order to elevate the femur and provide femoral exposure.

Enztec Femoral Neck Retractors have been designed specifically to support minimally invasive techniques and are available in two variants.


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  • Femoral Neck Elevator (4050-0007)
  • Femoral Neck Elevator – Classic (4050-0044)
  • Efficient, ergonomic handle design to provide comfortable, sure grip
  • Refined tip profile for positive bone engagement
  • Contoured blade to minimise soft tissue damage


  • (4050-0007) 330mm x 140mm / 13in x 5.5in
  • (4050-0044) 330mm x 140mm / 13in x 5.5in
  • Can be used with any implant system

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