Announcing the Launch of Enztec Australia

02 July 2019

Enztec is pleased to announce the launch of Enztec Australia Ltd., a regulatory vehicle enabling the registration and smooth adoption of Enztec products and bespoke designs into the Australian market.

We are thrilled to deliver this highly anticipated service to our Australian customers and we look forward to providing a full rounded seamless experience.

Key advantages for our customers include:

  1. Fewer listings for customers to maintain
  2. Reduced internal burden and effort required
  3. All instrument classes catered for including Class I, Class Im and Class IIa devices

Enztec has product registrations submitted for our Reamer Drivers and Reamer Shells.  In the very near future all Enztec products will be listed, helping our customers quickly respond to their market needs with minimal effort and burden. This is part of Enztec’s continued drive to expand our Enztec product portfolio while making it simple for customers to work with us.

In addition, we will expand our bespoke product service to also include the added convenience of TGA registration, where customers choose this option. This will complement our proven bespoke design, manufacture and CE marking ability, building on our strong history of delivering products that allow our customers to meet surgeon needs and deliver differentiating solutions.

We look forward to our ongoing work and collaboration with our dedicated customer base in Australia. If you have any queries moving forward please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members.

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