Enztec Wins NZ Innovators awards

16 October 2014

Enztec is proud to have won the New Zealand Innovators Awards 2014 for its Quad Sparing Knee Replacement Instruments in the categories of 'Innovation in Health & Science' and 'Export Innovator of the Year'.

The New Zealand Innovators Awards aim to celebrate and recognise innovative, high growth New Zealand organisations and put them on a national stage to celebrate innovation and commercialisation.

"Traditional surgical instrument design has focused solely on the intended function of the device with little attention afforded to the aesthetics or human factors, producing somewhat primitive tools," says Enztec Design and Development Manager Iain McMillan.

"As surgical procedures become more complex and the marketplace more competitive, placing a high value on form and human factors is now starting to become a key differentiator when compared to existing devices."

Enztec's range of Quad Sparing Knee Replacement instruments were developed for a leading orthopaedic surgeon with a stream-lined surgical approach. Quad sparing knee replacement surgery is a minimally invasive procedure where a three inch incision (rather than an 8-10 inch incision) is made beside the knee, avoiding trauma to the quadriceps muscle. This technique results in a more rapid return of knee function and decreased pain post operatively, however the existing instruments to support this technique are poorly considered and unrefined.

Iain says, "This newly developed range of instruments is sympathetic to the technically challenging quad sparing surgical procedure, with forms that accommodate anatomical structures and give consideration to ergonomics for surgeon comfort and ease of use."

"This, coupled with a sophisticated aesthetic that ties the range together, results in a set of instruments perceived as 'high value'."

User centred design studies were carried out through surgical observations. It was noted how choreographed the procedure could become if every movement was thoroughly considered to reduce surgery time. The surgeon also expressed immense dissatisfaction with the appearance of routine surgical instruments.

"Enztec responded by meeting the surgical and aesthetic needs. The resulting instruments demonstrate an in depth consideration for ergonomics and sophistication while retaining the high standard of function already associated with Enztec instruments," says Iain.

View our case study on the award-winning Quad Sparing Knee Instruments.

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