Why did we create the Offset Cup Impactor X?

We reflect on the journey leading to the Offset Cup Impactor X. Enztec has a long history of creating impaction instruments for orthopedic surgeons - including femoral impactors, broach handles, and cup impactors.


Effortlessly Detach and Reattach 

The Enztec Offset Cup Impactor (OCI X) is designed with a quick release mechanism that connects the acetabular cup to the impactor. With a flick of the lever, the cup impactor can detach, leaving the threaded component in-situ. When reattaching, the impactor quickly re-engages with the threaded component. The final step, removing the trinket (the threaded component), is easily completed with the hex driver.


A New Level of Visualization 

Quickly visualize the accuracy of cup placement by eye or with imaging. Fast and efficient disconnection from the impactor makes it easier to sight or obtain imaging without impactor interference. Once visualization is complete, the Enztec OCI X can be quickly reattached for final impaction as needed.  


Choose the Workflow that Suits You

Choose the workflow that best suits the procedure. Whatever the order, you are in control - easily assess accuracy of the cup position at any moment. Maintain a state of flow with fluid, efficient cup positioning and visualization. 

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