Enztec's International Relationship Focus

18 July 2014

With the majority of Enztec's business outside of New Zealand, it is always important we spend time meeting with and developing our key client relationships, face to face. Iain McMillan and Sarah Thompson spent three weeks in June doing just that, meeting with Enztec's major clients throughout the USA and Europe.

"It was a good, positive trip for us." says Iain McMillan, Enztec's Design and Development Manager, "We spent time with Omni and Biomet in the USA before heading to meetings with Lima in Italy and Mathys in Switzerland. The evaluation and feedback on the particular products we were showcasing was extremely favourable". It is this feedback, communication and engagement with clients that continues to drive Enztec's designs forward. Clients also commented on Enztec's outstanding delivery on time, which is always a key focus for our company.

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