Enztec wins Best Design Awards

28 October 2016

We are really pleased and proud to announce that Enztec has recently been successful in winning two ‘Designers Institute of New Zealand – Best Awards’. The Best Design Awards is an annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product, interactive and motion design, with the awards presented at a gala event every October.

We achieved Gold for Non-Consumer Product Design with our range of Pin Pullers.  The patented design of these pin pullers was developed over the past 18 months and continually refined to improve the function and form of the products.  Sole focus was not only given the form of the products, the design were also carefully considered to ensure the product price was also competitive.  We considered this balanced design approach to be critical as despite pin pullers being one of the most frequently used instruments in a TKA procedure are also seen as a commodity item – even though a great pin puller can help make a surgeons’ day.

The team also achieved a Bronze in the Best Effect category that celebrates the influence of design on an organisation.  Enztec’s entry focussed on the increasing focus we have been placing on designing not only great products, but also the customer experience whether it be via our website, personal interactions and an increasing focus on creating our own range of niche solutions.  This was a very competitive category and the team was pleased to be have even made it to the finals.

Overall this was a massive recognition for the team, and there were a number of amazing, world class groups represented at these awards.  It was fantastic to see our work being acknowledged at such a high level.  Applying this level of design is something we sincerely believe in doing for all projects, as great design is critical to provide the next level solutions our customers deserve. 

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