Richard Wall's Profile Picture

Richard Wall

Product Quality Engineer

Richard is a product quality engineer, tasked with developing efficient and accurate methods of inspecting parts along with investigating non-conformances and implementing changes for future production.

Richard is an integral part of Enztec, having been with the team for nearly a decade. During his time here, he’s carried out a variety of responsibilities starting out in assembly/finishing, later transitioning into CNC machining and now currently takes part in inspection/quality.

Starting his working career at a local old style engineering firm, Rich earned his machining & toolmaking trade utilising advanced manual machinery. He later joined the Enztec team where he’s since learned to use advanced CNC modern equivalents.

Richard enjoys the diversity in working for Enztec, coupled with the large range of products made. Being able to work in an environment with both the designer and those responsible for making the products, allows him to witness the complete process from a sketch to a functioning product. He states that being able to do this with a ‘great bunch of workmates’ is pretty rewarding too!

During his time outside of work, you can find Richard attempting to tart up his house while tending to the needs of two delightful young children. He’s a big fan of doing silly things in the local hills on his mountain bike and has recently revived his joy in being able to raise a sound barrier for peace by playing the guitar.