Doug Gwatkin's Profile Picture

Doug Gwatkin

Design Engineer

Doug is a mechanical designer, responsible for producing designs of parts and assemblies to the customer’s and Enztec’s requirements. He also maintains and updates new and existing designs, and ensures documentation is in order to support the designs.

Doug has a background in toolmaking. This is in both plastic injection mould tools and metal forming press tools. He has worked in tool design and product design positions. Doug has a broad range of experience - leading a team designing and manufacturing automated and semi-automated production machinery, operating a press shop, working in a stainless fabrication company, and design consultancies in fencing and agricultural equipment, and another in consumer electronics.

Doug has been with Enztec since early 2018 and enjoys the scope of projects and the technical complexity involved. Enztec’s level of attention to detail is something new and he’s enjoying the challenge.

Outside work Doug has many interests. Sailing and model aircraft are the two that soak up most of his spare time and money. Having always had an interest in electric vehicles, he finally took the plunge and bought a Leaf. Now he’s saving heaps of cash on fuel but losing it to boats and model aircraft! – while still loving the Leaf!