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Omni Quad Sparing Knee Instruments

Omni Quad Sparing Knee Instruments

The Problem

A high volume, influential surgeon was dissatisfied with the instruments he had available to complete his quad sparing TKA procedure. He felt they were not cohesive, limiting his outcomes and unnecessarily extending theatre time. Enztec was tasked by Omni with developing a new set of instruments that met all the surgeon’s needs, with a high degree of finish and refinement.

The Process

Enztec started by reviewing Omni’s current instrument solutions to ensure a cohesive solution that worked within their instrument philosophies wherever possible. Enztec designers then travelled to talk with the surgeon and to spend time with him in theatre observing his technique, listening to the issues he wanted to overcome, and identifying additional opportunities. Provisional design activities were completed, and the surgeon was hosted in NZ for three development meetings, during which time design refinements were made. Finally Enztec created controlled prints, completed all documentation activities and manufactured the complete range of products developed during this collaboration.

The Outcome

The surgeon received the requested instruments and was able to achieve the targeted operative outcomes desired.  As a result of this the surgeon saw that Omni had listened to him and was delivering results. Omni gained increased sales volumes with this surgeon and was able to target other surgeons with similar operative techniques knowing they had an exceptional instrument solution. This project allowed Omni to deliver a solution while not distracting their internal design capability and diverting attention away from other critical implant projects. Recognition for this work was received when Enztec won the New Zealand Innovators Awards for their role in the design of these instruments.

"Their ability to work directly with our surgeons and translate their needs into intuitive surgical instruments is above and beyond what we could have expected. The end result was not only a masterfully engineered product, but one that stands alone in the operating room from an industrial design stand point."

Product Manager, Omni.

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